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General Manufacturing (Lighting, Store Fixtures, General Industry, IT & Appliances)
General Manufacturing Powercoating
If standing out in the crowd with just the right color and finish is important while offering excellent product protection then we have the powder coating for you!

We offer well over 1500 standard products, with multiple metallic and special effect finish options. Depending on the type of product being coated UltraCoat can offer powder coatings that are available in polyester (UV-resistant) and hybrid formulations.

The powder coatings we apply are as environmentally friendly as they are solvent free and do not pollute the air, soil or groundwater.

Because of its thermoset characteristics, UltraCoat powder coatings offer very good protective qualities with even a single coat application.

General Manufacturing Powdercoating Features:
  • Castings & Alloy Metals Expertise

  • Full Techincal Support for Problem Solving

  • 1000's of Color Options and Textures

  • High Volume Capabilities
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