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Heavy Industrial (Transportation, Steel Structures, Infrastructure)
State of the Art Facility - With 6 overhead monorails serving 3 curing ovens, 2 Million BTU's, 4500 cubic feet of oven capacity, two fully equipped paint lines, 2 phosphate washers and full media blasting capabilities UltraCoat can handle your powder coating needs.

Heavy Industrial Powercoating Powder Coating can offer steel surfaces long term protection against corrosion and Ultra Violet exposure. A wide range of colors and textures are available, including metallic variations. Varying degrees of resistance to weathering, corrosion, chemicals and mechanical abrasion are available, depending on which UltraCoat product is applied.

The powder coatings we apply are as environmentally friendly as they are solvent free and do not pollute the air, soil or groundwater.

Because of its thermoset characteristics, UltraCoat selected powder coatings offer very good protective qualities with even a single coat application.


Industrial B4 & After
Mfg covers, gun parts, industrial racking, and more...

Heavy Industrial Powdercoating Features:
  • 1000' s of Color Options & Textures

  • Full Techincal Support line for Problem Solving

  • UV & Corrosion Resistant Finishes
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