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Shipping Instructions [print]

Packing Instructions:
Please list all your parts under the Description column. If you donít know the name of the parts, list the number of pieces.

Please indicate the color and quantity of the parts that are to be coated for each color. If you donít know the color name please indicate that on the list.

If you need to match a color, please indicate that on the packing form; and/or send a color sample along with your order. Ultra Coat will send you color swatches upon request.

Note: If you have not decided on a color it is always easier to match liquid paint to powder than it is to match powder coat to a liquid paint. It is also less expensive.

All parts should be carefully wrapped, to prevent damage in shipping to Ultra Coat. Some parts are damaged much more easily than others. You the shipper bear the responsibility that parts arrive to UltraCoat intact and undamaged.

Parts need to be disassembled prior to powder coating. Heads should have the valves removed. The valve seats and guides can remain. Engine cases should be totally disassembled. Bearings must be removed. Bearing races can remain.

UltraCoat will not be responsible for removing these items.

Heads, cylinders and engine cases are particularly susceptible to shipping damage. Heads and cylinders should be individually wrapped in heavy corrugated cardboard. The individual pieces should then be boxed together with ample packing material between them. Shredded cardboard, Styrofoam and bubble wrap all work well for this.


To avoid damage it is important to ensure that the parts cannot make direct contact during shipping.

Engine case halves should be treated with the same caution as heads and cylinders. It is not recommended to send heads, cylinders and engine cases together in the same box. This tends to make the package heavy and much more vulnerable to shipping damage.

Ultra Coat strongly advises that you adequately insure anything that you ship.

Indicate the replacement cost of your parts so that they may be properly insured for the return shipment.

Proper packing would have prevented this damage
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